Corporate 3

Capturing meaningful moments to share and enjoy.


I love to create images and that why I But it became time to give more space to my other passion, photography. In recent years I found more time to make this work and after a preparatory half year course I started last year my training at the ‘Dutch fotovakschool’ a well known institute in my hometown Apeldoorn. This 80 year old college has been the cradle for more than 75% of all professional Dutch photographers, so that seems to be a good starting point.

In the near future I want to further develop myself on three facets of photography: fine art portrait photography, urban night scape and product photography. I like to capture people, moments and objects in a special way.

In addition to taking and editing the photo’s, I also focus on writing down the experiences with the equipment I use.

So please check out this blog as it will develop in the coming year, focusing on taking high quality photo’s with impact and my experience in creating them.

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