Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, once seen, it will be cherished!
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The power of an image!

Sometimes the image resonates, lingers, touches an emotion and then forms a force that, in the service of good or evil, moves mountains. 

We all know the great examples of images ushering in a new era, or all those images closer to home that touched, moved and connected us. 

As a photographer, I am looking for the aesthetics of the core, the beauty that touches and can connect. As soon as we feel the connection, we open ourselves up to it and bridge the gap with the subject, give it the space it deserves and cherish it. 

In this way the image relates us to the people, nature or culture. It makes the connection and when we experience its beauty, it strikes the bridge that connects contradictions. 

The power of the image is huge force, precisely used it seeks connection and respect. I good image is as a quest for enlightened beauty, a basis for respect and connection with all people, their good artifacts and nature.


A quest for enlightened beauty, a basis for respect and connection

Project Shine

Project ‘Shine’ is project for contemporary digital artist who believe in sustainability, corporate social responsibility, environmental protection and responsible economic growth

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