As an evolving digital photographer, I enjoy working with the best technical tools possible.

In this way I have built up a considerable arsenal of possibilities in recent years. Coming from nature photography with a lot of experience in digiscoping and the use of handy cameras for on the road, I developed addiction to light material of exceptional quality.

This preference quickly made me say goodbye to the mirror cameras and I experimented a lot with the non-meanstream suppliers. Sometimes with disappointing results, but gradually the quality has increased enormously and expirations have brought me the material that I am extremely satisfied with.

I noticed how few good articles appear about the use of non-mainstream material, I spent hours on the internet sometimes looking for solutions and only found a few reliable reviews if you work with other solutions. In this blog I will focus on the mirrorless digital solutions of mainly Fujifilm, Leica and Hasselblad specifically used for nature, street and studio work; paired with modern lenses, but certainly also with re-makes or vintage glass.

Please reach out to me if share the same addiction to carriable top notch gear.

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